Exploring: Burlingame, California

Posted: Aug 31 2016

Burlingame Avenue is a place we are lucky to call home (and headquarters!). We have our office a couple of blocks away, and just opened our first shop right in the heart of it all. There’s something special about this street, and all of the awesome spots we get to now call neighbors. Our founder had a hard time picking favorites, but narrowed it down to a few she can’t live without on a weekly basis!

Fiori Flowers
1406 Burlingame Ave
The most beautiful (and picturesque) little flower shop where we love to stock up on fresh flowers for the week ahead. The beautiful exposed brick and bevy of beautiful blooms to pick from, always brightens our day and our office! An insider tip: 10% off for people who work on the ave!
Philz Coffee
305 Primrose Rd
I don’t usually have sugar in my coffee but the way they make their coffees “sweet and creamy” is addictive! My go to is their famous iced mint mojito. Perfect for a warm summer day.
Alana’s Cafe
1408 Burlingame Ave
A place I feel is foolproof for a delicious alfresco lunch or brunch!
Five Little Monkey’s
1111 Burlingame Ave
This toy store is my son’s favorite. They have such a wide selection, friendly staff, and free gift wrapping!
Books Inc.
1375 Burlingame Ave
When I’m needing a little excape to relax and spend time with my son, we love making our way over to Books Inc. You can expect a knowledgeable staff who are always so thoughtful and recommends their favorites. We also love attending their story time for kids on Sunday.
If you’re in the area, we would love for you to stop by! Our new shop address: 1112 Burlingame Avenue. 

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