Happy Mother’s Day

Posted: May 10 2015

This Mother’s Day is an especially significant one for me because I’m spending it with a new man in my life; my son Kyson. Kyson has only been with us for a short seven months, but he’s already taught me so much about what it means to be a mother, a wife and a daughter. It’s true what they say about love for your child and how you will never love anyone as deeply and with such generosity. Only now can I contemplate the struggles my mother went through with me and the sacrifices she’s made.

I talked about balance in my previous post, and that’s one of the things women in the 21st Century struggle with. Is it possible to have a fulfilling career and also be there for your children? I’m very aware that the only reason I can continue to run Kayu is because I have a nanny to look after Kyson while I am at work. Of that I am incredibly grateful as childcare in the US is not universal nor affordable. In fact, the US has no national health and safety standards when it comes to childcare and it is both expensive and of variable quality. Surveys consistently show that childcare in the US is one of the least affordable in the world. This is not the case in many other advanced nations, where governments, unions or employers may share the cost of child care with parents.

I do not judge women who quit their jobs to stay at home with their little ones – being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But I do think there is something broken with our system when women, who are passionate about their work but can’t afford childcare, have no alternative but to opt out of the job market. This Mother’s Day I would like to challenge our government to institute universal affordable child care so that women can continue working, contributing and pursuing their passions. Women can have it all; a fulfilling career and a happy family life. We just need some help getting there.

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