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Grandma's Recipes



Grandma’s Recipes is a compilation of transcribed recipes, writings and photographic collages by Singaporean graphic designer Christal Sih.


It is a reflection on how she relates to her family and the culture she grew up with through food; a product of her sentiments about identity and authenticity that were made more acute in her time living alone abroad.  


  • Hardcover: 55 pages
  • Product dimensions: 8.25" L x 6" W x 0.25" H

 Who Made This?

Grandma's Recipes was written by Christal Sih. Originally from the sunny island of Singapore, she completed her BFA in Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and currently works in NYC. 


Grandma's Recipes was conceived over one winter break when she was home from college. She had a month to learn and compile these recipes from her grandma who doesn’t cook with recipes (just off the top of her head!) so had to record them as she cooked. 


"Mary Sih is my grandmother — her cooking prowess comes from decades of cooking, studying recipe books, watching cooking television shows and exchanges with my family and friends. Armed with only an iPhone to take photos and notes, I try to learn as much as I can without getting in her way."