• Hello! Have you eaten?
  • Hello! Have you eaten?
  • Hello! Have you eaten?

Hello! Have you eaten?

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Pairing minimalist "food portraits" with the rich stories each dish evokes, Hello! Have You Eaten? is a love letter to the food culture of Singapore told from the perspective of one writer and her memories of food, family, and community. Named for the traditional greeting that replaces "how are you?" in Singapore, this book portrays the way that even a slight whiff of a favorite food can unleash a wave of memory and emotion.


  • Written and photographed by Amanda Choy.
  • Hardcover. 64 pages.
  • Measures 9" W by 6.25" L by 0.25" H.




 Who Made This?

Hello! Have you eaten? was written by Amanda Choy a Singaporean multi-disciplinary designer. It is her homage to the important yet fleeting memories that we cling onto, lovingly.


"Food acts as a catalyst for human connection and food has taught me bonding and love."