• Hello! Have you eaten?
  • Hello! Have you eaten?
  • Hello! Have you eaten?

Hello! Have you eaten?



Hello! Have you eaten? is a visual collective of food memories of Singapore. With a desire to share Singapore’s distinctive food culture, author Amanda Choy conceptualizes a series of minimalistic food photographs coupled with a personal recount of nostalgic moments growing up in a household filled with lovely aromas and love. Part of her journey includes unearthing the origins and stories of certain dishes and featured dishes are selected based on their significance that they have on her and her family.


  • Hardcover: 64 pages
  • Product dimensions: 9" W x 6.25" L x 0.25" H

 Who Made This?

Hello! Have you eaten? was written by Amanda Choy a Singaporean multi-disciplinary designer. It is her homage to the important yet fleeting memories that we cling onto, lovingly.


"Food acts as a catalyst for human connection and food has taught me bonding and love."