Our New NYC Showroom

Posted: Sep 20 2016

I love New York throughout the seasons: watching the horse drawn carriages through Central Park in the winter, enjoying a glass of rose in one of the cute cafes in the West Village in the summer, and watching the leaves change colors in the Hudson Valley in the Fall.

I lived there briefly after college and although now live in California, still manage to make my way there every year to visit friends and get inspired by this magical city.

It is because the city has such a special place in my heart that I’m happy to announce we just opened our very own showroom there. Our new space is located in mid-town and has huge windows and a gorgeous view. It’ll be a permanent place to house our latest collection and a place for us to work from when we pass through.

If you’re in NYC do pop in and say “hello”!

894 Avenue of the Americas
6th Floor, Suite 603
New York, NY 10001


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