About Us

Ethical + Sustainable accessories for the modern free spirit 

Kayu which means "wood" in Malay was inspired by Jamie Lim's childhood spent in South East Asia. Inspired by the incredible craftsmanship she witnessed in the region, she created KAYU in 2011 with a focus on sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing and philanthropy. 

Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly from start to finish. We use natural, organic straw in place of non-biodegradable synthetic straw, and upcycle our fabric scraps to create small accessories and cut down on waste. Our handmade process curtails the use of machinery and results in a small energy consumption.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our straw styles are handwoven by cooperatives of women in the Philippines and assembled in a family owned facility in Manila. Our artists were taught to weave by their mother and their mothers' mothers - and they often work from home so they can have more flexibility to spend time with their families. 


Since the beginning we have embedded philanthropy into our business and donated to non profit organizations. Follow us as we launch exclusive product throughout the year and donate back to charities that will enrich the lives of women, men and children. 

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